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“Is Chornobyl still relevant?”


This was the question I asked random Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians in Kyiv of different generational, socio-political and ethnicities. As it turned out, many were in Ukraine when the nuclear reactor exploded at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant on April 26, 1986 causing the world’s worst nuclear accident. The others knew about Chornobyl because of family members who were afflicted by the catastrophe.


I asked them all: “In addition to the chaos, fear, and instability of war in East Ukraine, is Chornobyl still relevant today?


The answer was a resounding and unanimous, “Yes!”


Chornobyl continues to cause major health issue and environmental damage not only for Ukrainians and Eastern Europeans who suffered when the nuclear reactor exploded in 1986, but for the entire world. As one woman stated: “Chornobyl harmed my generation, my daughter’s, my granddaughter’s and many, many more generations to come. We can never forget Chornobyl no matter what.”



In 2000, I wrote a novel, THE SKY UNWASHED about the Chornobyl survivors who returned to their irradiated village inside the Chornobyl “dead zone.” LIFE IN THE DEAD ZONE is the film documentary about the real-life survivors who are still impacted by Chornobyl.


In 2016, Ukraine will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the explosion. Our film crew will be in Chornobyl for our final shoot there.


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Irene Zabytko, Producer, Co-Director, Writer

And the Film Crew of LIFE IN THE DEAD ZONE